The perfect hideaway

A recently completed project, my photographer has finally released the images for me to share with you!

Chocolate box pretty describes this wonderful cottage hidden up a long driveway in a village in Rutland.  Its owners, busy travellers and keen sports people, longed for a retreat offering total escape, somewhere to unwind and relax. I set about creating a calm yet fresh colour palette to revive the rooms, create a warm and a welcoming feel. Each room, as you enter, exudes its own personality, uneven walls, aged beams, deep window reveals, uneven floors led me to give each room its own identity. 

Beautiful patterned and embroidered fabrics on linen backgrounds were used extensively at windows and for cushions for its naturally soft and timeless appeal. My clients requested I incorporate some much loved inherited pieces of period furniture to be placed sympathetically alongside new pieces to blend and harmonise. A galleried wall of very old photographs loved and adored by my clients required framing by specialists giving the dining room charm and a talking point for guests. Window seats were given a new lease of life with deep upholstered cushions, dramatic upholstered headboards designed to create impact. The result is a charming, inviting, home with a homely “put your feet” feeling, a place you never want to leave!