De Le Cuona, fabrics that tell a story…

I am really excited to be able to showcase De Le Cuona fabrics in the showroom.  A wonderful company to deal with, I felt compelled to share with you the stories behind their collections.

Known for their signature Wool and Cotton Paisleys, Stone washed linens, Embossed Linens and Embroideries using superb quality linen base made by international master weavers is the last word in luxury and refinement.

You can’t help be drawn and taken in by the stories behind each collection. I am continually seduced by the passion and great lengths the legendary team at De Le Cuona go to, to produce the ultimate fabric using mind blowing artisanal techniques. One such example being De Le Cuona’s Phantom Mist, a 100% linen, described by founder Bernie as “A celebration of craftsmanship. This deconstructed linen sheer is woven, then cut into strips. The strips are attached to paper, embroidered together & then washed to dissolve away the paper.  Each piece has its own unique, irregular character & beau”.  I have personally added this one to my list of  ‘One’s to Use’.

There is something so comforting about soft wools, a yarn most appreciated for its warmth, softness and cosiness.  Wool I find brings a wonderful dimension to an interior, the ability to change the feel of a room, offsetting echoey rings, taking the chill off a cold space make this a go to evertime when I’m scheming for a new project.

De Le Cuona’s iconic wools and signature designs are some of the best I have been fortunate to work with.  The colour selection is sublime and the designs are intricate, sophisticated and timeless.  On past projects I’ve used wools for swedish blinds, luxurious curtaining and bespoke bed throws.  Examples of De Le Cuonas Dragon Fly Sapphire can be seen below, wild with colour and drama and fully reversible negating the need for lining is a lightweight fluid window treatment is preferred.

Glorious linens, my preferred fabric base for schemes is undeniably chic, sophisticated and effortless. De Le Cuonas  Buffalo stone washed linen is stone washed to the extreme with the use of pumice stones in the wash cycle! The fabrics structure is broken down giving a wonderful aged quality to the fabric creating a very individual look and aged appeal.

To see the complete collection of De Le Cuona pop into the showroom.